A Day in the Life of a High School Science Teacher

5:30 AM: First alarm goes off and I hit snooze, hoping to rest for 10 more minutes

5:32 AM: My little lady starts crying to get out of her crib. I try to pretend I’m asleep so my husband will go get here, but the man sleeps like a rock. I poke him awake and go retrieve the little lady.

5:45 AM: Shower while my daughter plays hide and seek at the shower curtain then get dressed in business casual clothes. I pack bottles and lunch while my husband dresses out daughter and eat breakfast on the way out the door.

6:45 AM: My husband drops my daughter and I off at daycare. I get her settled then walk the 3 blocks to school, swinging by Starbucks on my way.

7-7:50 AM: Respond to emails from parents, enter grades from papers marked the night before, help students with homework questions.

7:55-9:15 AM: I have first block prep. I make copies, review the day’s lecture, see who has been absent and needs to make up work. Sometimes I have a meeting with an administrator or parent.

9:30-10:50 AM: Block 2 Honors Biology. These students are on it today, and we have an engaging discussion about 3D Organ Printing.

10:53 AM: None of my students hang around to ask questions, so I take advantage and hurry to the bathroom!

11-11:55 AM: Study Block. I have my homeroom students, who are freshman, doing homework in my room. I also have some time to work, so I get the lab equipment set up for 3rd block.

12-12:40 PM: Lunch—I supervise the Science Club, where they have a pharmacist guest speaker coming to talk about science career paths.

12:45-2:05: Block 3 Biology is doing a buffers lab. They have a really difficult time deciding when the probe measurement is “stabilized”, so I spend most of the period fielding the questions—“is this the reading I should record? Or this one?”

2:20-3:00 PM: Department meeting. We discuss how we will implement engineering practices into our classroom, as suggested by Oregon’s recent adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards. (http://www.nextgenscience.org/next-generation-science-standards)

3:00-3:45 PM: Tutor students and inventory which assignments need to taken home to grade. Make sure lab equipment is in okay condition for the next day’s labs and that none of the pH probes have been left out of storage solution.

4:00 PM: Pick up the little lady from daycare. We ride the bus home, and she’s in a great mood, which translates to attempting to pull a very attractive looking beard and climbing on the handicap rails.

4:30-7:00 PM: Play and go for a walk with my daughter then try to come up with sometime simple to have for dinner. Then give up and call my husband to pick up takeout on his way home. The little one gets a bath while we FaceTime my family.

7:00-8:00 PM: Frantically grade papers. Reward myself with a cookie after each set of 5.

9:00 PM: Attempt to head to bed. Get distracted by watching the most recent episode of Scandal with my husband or doing Duolingo on my phone. Go to sleep praying that this is the night my 13 month old finally sleeps through the night!

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2 Responses to A Day in the Life of a High School Science Teacher

  1. Harry says:

    Very well said, Thanks for giving insight into a Bio teacher’s life. Good Luck!!


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