Geeking out

When a neuroscientist mom who likes to sew has a child —


she makes a neuron costume for Halloween with DNA in the nucleus, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, spines on shoulders, and a hat with dendrites (the child refused to wear leg warmers as myelin sheath).

When the neuroscientist Mom has two kids, she tries to convince them they want to dress up as a neuron and glia (using the same costume above). She is only fervently rejected.


When a scientist has a baby —


she dresses her in apparel with scientific devices.

IMG_20110728_081045 (1)

Or scientific information (The onesie says, brought to you by letters G, C, A, and T, and the number 23).


When a scientist has too much time on her hands —


She searches for nerdy items online…like in Etsy.


How do you geek out?

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