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Training Wheels

In the time since I wrote my last post, a lot has happened. I was forcibly elevated to fifth year PhD candidate status. Then sixth, though I was writing and had an exit strategy when that happened so I noticed … Continue reading

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Two things at once

In a few weeks, I’ll be forcibly elevated to fifth year PhD candidate status. It will happen at my program retreat. The incoming first year students, with their mind-boggling enthusiasm and energy, will do force me to say “I guess I’m … Continue reading

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Decision point

I was 25 – three years out of art school, living in Brooklyn, doing odd jobs – when I found something that looked promising on craigslist. An art space down the street from my Bushwick apartment was looking for interns. … Continue reading

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Every day I make a list and work through it. Except some days I forget. Some urgent task will be on my mind and that’s what I’ll roll right into when I get to work. Then around 4pm I’ll check … Continue reading

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