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Book Reviews: Girls in STEM

As my older daughter graduates from pictures books and is delving into chapter books, my skewed search (any STEM books for girls?) produced three series with a young girl as the protagonist immersing herself in STEM.  Those are:   Lucy’s … Continue reading

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What do you miss about academia?

Prior to and since the launch of this blog many of the contributors have left academia. Is there anything we miss about academia?  If so, what? Torschlusspanik This year marks the fifth year of my leaving academia, of being a … Continue reading

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Gender exclusive STEM education?

This summer I enrolled my 6-year old daughter in a math camp exclusive to girls, “Girls Rock Math.” I knew about the existence of the camp before my daughter was old enough to enroll, and this year as she became … Continue reading

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Ideas for a science TV show

Post March for Science (that I could not attend despite this post), I have been thinking of how to maintain public’s attention on science and to submerge science even more into everyday life.  What would make people think science is … Continue reading

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March for Science hat?

Imagine the recent Women’s marches all over the US and world without pussyhats.  Sure, signs were clever and creative, but the collective message and solidarity of participants were loud and clear in the sea of bright pink hats with pointy corners. … Continue reading

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On grant funding

One of determining points in my leaving academia was grant funding.  I was not confident enough, or motivated enough to sustain continuous funding for however long I was willing to be a PI . In a way, my years as … Continue reading

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A portrait of a former SAHM who went back to science

As I explore my next step / career, I interviewed one of my best friends, DoubleAgentMom (DAM), PhD, who recently returned to working full time at a pharmaceutical company after being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) for five years.  The interview … Continue reading

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Geeking out

When a neuroscientist mom who likes to sew has a child — she makes a neuron costume for Halloween with DNA in the nucleus, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, spines on shoulders, and a hat with dendrites (the child refused to wear … Continue reading

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Topics of Interest

Currently a former neuroscientist turned stay-at-home mom, I get to stay home, and watch and play with my two girls.  Old habits do not die too quickly; I often find myself observing my kids as if they are my former … Continue reading

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Problems with women…I mean Tim Hunt

When the news of Nobel laureate Tim Hunt’s remarks at a convention of female scientist and science journalist broke out this week, my first thought was, Oops. Oops, because I am a culprit of crying in front of male advisers, … Continue reading

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