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Writing your own letter of recommendation

In response to a recent post, a reader asked for advice on writing a letter of recommendation – specifically for oneself! Yes, for better or worse, “minor fraud” and ethics aside for this post, this is very common and important … Continue reading

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Why I stopped faking it

When I was in grad school I felt like I wasn’t good enough and at the same time that I deserved to have it all – perfect grades, grants, awards, fantastic publications, a great social life and a happy family. My … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from Teenagers

“So, what do you guy think of this?” I asked my students, using all my effort to bite my tongue and let my students express their own opinions. I was discussing the 2014 decision by Facebook and Apple to subsidize … Continue reading

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Why I Left Academia and Chose Biotech

I recently met a young undergrad. who wants to become a professor because she loves research and, “professors have great job security, flexible work schedules and can take summers off if they want to!” It made me totally uncomfortable, probably … Continue reading


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Decision point

I was 25 – three years out of art school, living in Brooklyn, doing odd jobs – when I found something that looked promising on craigslist. An art space down the street from my Bushwick apartment was looking for interns. … Continue reading

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Wouldda Shouldda Couldda

If you knew then what you know now, would you have done the same thing? My graduate adviser asked me this question when I was in third or fourth year of graduate school.  He asked if I still had come … Continue reading

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On being one of the only PhDs in the workplace

As a graduate student and postdoc, I got used to being surrounded by other scientists that have gotten (or are getting) a PhD. It came with a feeling of camaraderie. A constant topic of conversation was the strategy to succeed … Continue reading

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Every day I make a list and work through it. Except some days I forget. Some urgent task will be on my mind and that’s what I’ll roll right into when I get to work. Then around 4pm I’ll check … Continue reading

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