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A Portrait of the Scientist as a New Mother

In which a mother-to-be in an academic postdoc position asks her fellow scientists all of her burning (work-related) questions about pregnancy and maternity planning. Jump to any of the Q&As by clicking the number, or read the full post below. Do … Continue reading

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Decision point

I was 25 – three years out of art school, living in Brooklyn, doing odd jobs – when I found something that looked promising on craigslist. An art space down the street from my Bushwick apartment was looking for interns. … Continue reading

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Plan B.

I applied for my dream job. And did not get it. Fuck. What I want. What I want to do is dig a deep hole, climb into it and close the lid. A hole deep enough that would represent the … Continue reading

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Strengths. Weaknesses. And Faking It.

Wonder Woman–oh how incredibly appropriate for this post! source: I had the pleasure of attending a networking event last month. It was focused on how to find, develop and discover what you can gain by leveraging strengths and natural … Continue reading

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My (not at all straightforward) road to teaching

“Are you a teacher?” an earnest looking eighteen year old girl asked me questioningly. I stood before a group of average looking adolescent women in my brand new pencil skirt, jittery from my third cup of coffee that day. I … Continue reading

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What I want for Christmas Life

It is the holiday season and everyone is celebrating. Celebrating with parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. This year, though, I am celebrating Christmas with just my little family, my husband and our two boys. We chose … Continue reading

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Where I want to be right now: JayZ vs. Martina McBride

My job is great, but not perfect, but I’m happy being here right now. I finally able to be thankful and acknowledge what I have, without always trying to come up with ways to make it better. Continue reading

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Uncertainty of the postdoc

It is said that living in the moment is the key to happiness. While I try to appreciate the moment, I am also always one step ahead of myself.  In college, I lived in the dorms and I couldn’t wait … Continue reading

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All done?

“I’m all done, mommy”—I hear so many times in a day. My children are very good at voicing their opinions on when something has run its course, is now over and demands mommy’s immediate attention. Like when they finish their … Continue reading

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A Halloween Tale of Terror: coming to terms with doing two postdocs

It’s a dark and scary time for a postdoc… If you thought the funding climate was bad, just take a look at the job market. I’ve been a teaching postdoc at a small liberal arts college for almost two years … Continue reading

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