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Gender exclusive STEM education?

This summer I enrolled my 6-year old daughter in a math camp exclusive to girls, “Girls Rock Math.” I knew about the existence of the camp before my daughter was old enough to enroll, and this year as she became … Continue reading

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Getting over burnout

The month of May in the Northwest is lovely. So when the days became clear and warm I began taking my book and my food to a sunny spot outside. For a short time, I would escape my world, avoiding … Continue reading

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“So, what do you actually do?”

Since leaving “the bench” I get a lot of questions about my work. I’ve written about my fellowship with Mozilla Science here before – the work is outside what I imagined for my career path, and very different from what … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Computer Scientist

I saw this blog post by a friend from grad school so I thought I would share. My favorite part is this: I have to add, even if you think or know you’ve been invited to an event, either to … Continue reading

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Attitude Adjustment

So many things in my life are colored by my expectation and attitude. From when I was, I dunno, a middle schooler, my parents would tell me to try to be happier. Smile more, they say; don’t be such a … Continue reading

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Training Wheels

In the time since I wrote my last post, a lot has happened. I was forcibly elevated to fifth year PhD candidate status. Then sixth, though I was writing and had an exit strategy when that happened so I noticed … Continue reading

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Motherly endeavors

Happy International Women’s day! In this post, I will be talking about something specific to women -mothers in particular: breastfeeding. I had a lot of anxiety, trials and tribulations when it came to breastfeeding my baby. It took a lot … Continue reading

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