Who are we?

peírama is a postdoctoral fellow at a medical school in the northwest.  She is interested in neuroscience, science outreach, science policy, and science writing and tries to fit these activities in while also taking care of her two small children, staying on top of her research and making time for her wonderful husband and fluffy cat. She also loves yoga, running, hiking, and baking.

SweetScience is in her second postdoctoral position, at a major research university in the northeast, after completing a teaching postdoc at a small liberal arts college. In addition to research she is interested in guiding career development for students. With a husband in the same field, she is intimately acquainted with the struggles and joys of dual-body issues. She enjoys spending time outside of the lab hiking with her dog, reading, knitting, baking and being with family.

StrongerThanFiction is a forensic scientist. After training in neuroscience (graduate school and postdoc) at large universities, she is now applying her scientific knowledge to the field of forensic DNA analysis. She loves triathlons (because staying active keeps her sane) and cooking with her husband (because the chemistry behind it is fascinating). She has also rediscovered the joy of reading. For fun.

fishprint is in the middle of trying to do several things at once. She’s working on motherhood, a PhD in neuroscience, and training her spouse to do all the cooking.

Saraswati is a senior research scientist at a wellness company/clinical testing lab in the Pacific Northwest.  Saraswati stays busy with leading research projects in the company and learning how to juggle work and family.  In her spare time, Saraswati takes care of her two sweet little boys (mostly in the form of pillow fights and graphic novels reading), spends time with her awesome husband and three cool cats, and enjoys discovering where exactly the 27+ years of school are guiding her towards.  When hobbies make few and far in between appearances, they take form in photography, running, hiking, camping and exploring the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Torschlusspanik is a neuroscientist turned stay-at-home-mom at the moment.  These days she pulls all-nighters for crafting, baking, blogging, photo processing, and sneering at most recent and “exciting” scientific discoveries reported by mainstream media.  She is concocting a next stage in her life — possibilities are endless, though going back to the bench or academia is not one of them.

Curiouser&Curiouser is a Research Scientist in Southern California who recently transitioned into biotech from a a small Neuroscience-focused startup.  She loves thinking up new experiments, painting, dancing and snuggling on the couch with her hubby and puppies.

NotarealTeacher is a neuroscience Ph.D. recently turned high school teacher. Fueled by a serious Starbucks addiction, she spends her days teaching biology and calming the nerves of overly-high achieving adolescents at a single sex high school. Despite best intentions, she never seems to get around to her hobbies of running, reading and yoga due to the demanding but usually joyful company of her small daughter.

Ragamuffin, PhD is a neuroscientist with a chronic illness in her first postdoctoral position at a large research university on the West Coast. While continuing to nurse her life-long fixation with joining the tenure track professoriate, she is using the science innovation hub around her to discover what other career opportunities may be just as (if not more) fulfilling and rewarding.  Other passions which are more appreciated with each day include science advocacy and policy, reading historical non-fiction, adventuring with her heroic husband, loving on her two small dogs, and occasionally creating things.



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